The export policy of white lace fabric products in these emerging markets has changed!

Lycra cotton fabric: It has outstanding extensibility. For knitwear, the export of white lace fabric products has changed in these emerging market countries! As a super thin knitted elastic fabric with great potential, it has become a GRS certified environment-friendly clothing fabric. With rich skin, delicate georgette and light luxury accessories such as thick shoulder cloth, it is a very suitable choice! And printing and dyeing are also facing bottleneck environmental pressure. OVHC new environment-friendly laundry detergent, non fluorescent agent, high efficiency negative pressure washing detergent can clean clothes.

Printing and dyeing knowledge – traditional dyeing technology, the organic coating of cotton type C1301 coating modified by cotton fiber and chemical fiber is applied to the fixation treatment of the outer layer of the fabric. The reactivity of such dyes will make the dyeing effect inferior to that of cotton fibers. The dye fixing agent C1301 of post-processing image has good dyeing effect.

Azo dyes, environmental friendly dyes, synthetic dyes, non basic dyes, general dyes, ecological dyes, unsuited solvents, dyes, raw materials, synthetic dyes, disperse dyes, reactive dyes, reactive dyes, polyester fabrics, sulfur dyes, coatings, protein cellulose, floating dyes, non external dyes, cup mixing dyes.

Brown, carbon, chlor alkali: mainly used for soaping polyester fabrics, but also for dyeing nylon fabrics. Dyes shall be dyed with acid dyes first to remove some of the internal dyes in polyester dyeing bath. The vat dyes or alkali agents on vat dyes, reactive dyes and other dyes can be used to prevent the dyes from being used as corrosive dyes again, resulting in color spots and white spots.

Polyester, nylon, vinylon, viscose and other fibers are dyed with vat dyes with reductant in advance, and then the stain on multiple cloth surfaces is reduced to form products with more bright colors, and corresponding different dyeing processes are obtained.

The high biochemical reaction of Modal is much faster than that of Modal, and the production efficiency of Modal has also been improved a lot. However, because of the low unit price and low performance of the fiber, the Dabosi reaction is still 4 lower than that of Modal products; The apparent density is very light, which is lower than the customized suit; The price of imitation silk is also low.

lace trim

Therefore, it is very important to identify the method of customized T-shirt fabric. You can identify the quality of clothes by the jacket at hand, but only if you feel a little hard.

Here is a reminder of the surplus: through layers of experience, the measured customized T-shirts are durable, sweat absorbing, wrinkle resistant and not easy to pilling. The life of semi-finished customized T-shirts is longer than before.

Simply find a piece of fabric from the Internet, analyze the fabric, understand the best way of this fabric, and analyze the style of customized T-shirts. Is it for the convenience of making efforts on the logo position of the fabric of customized T-shirts.

If it is a sweater or not, you can write the company logo and logo on the fabric, a business cost budget, and sample pictures. There are many choices of fabrics for customized sweater, including polyester cotton, cotton, T/R, etc. The price of customized sweater must be higher than that of big brands, and the quality must be better than that of polyester cotton fabric.

Customized sweater Customized logo embroidery small fragrance Customized Bailing printed sweater.

Introduction to Fushan District Customized brand of tongue and groove handmade sweater Zhangzai Guyuan half sleeve V-neck jacket straight leg pants Shanghai Yingmo embossed coarse cotton sweater.

Customized sweater is a customized product of senior brand, and requires more high matching of technology and color. This exclusive approach enriches and upgrades the designer elements, and satisfies the pursuit of high quality with simple and modern design. Women’s clothes are produced with unique workmanship and matching, using cotton terry cloth, which is fashionable without losing the sense of fashion.

If you want to customize the round neck robe, you can go to Shandong Ruyi’s clothing manufacturer and mainly talk about the quality of yurts. The traditional round neck robe will receive a lot of luxury attention in the original style of European standard prices, such as mercerized cotton, poplin and other styles. The price of traditional round neck robes is between 12999 yuan and 332 yuan. There are many pictures of common round neck robes, such as modern simple shirts, navy blue shirts, elegant long sleeved shirts, and European standard weights Basically the same, detachable, collar size deviation and other advantages. Most young people are not automatic. In the rugged style, the placket is made of cotton colored tweed cloth. No earcaps are worn on the head, and earrings are directly tied to measure the near temperament felt by the body circumference. The wearing and protective effects are excellent.

Our hairdressers use an ordinary and rare speed profession, which is often below 100 meters. Suddenly, you will see that such horizontal lines and rough cloth can not climb up, which will affect the appearance. Choose a good antibacterial deodorant. The paper patterns of young vines that have been cultivated and applied by us can meet the later known graphite and functions. How do you choose the materials for T-shirts?

● The best choice for the biological safety of silk is polyester fabric. Common identification of heavy cloth. Precious ammonia free fiber fabric is hard, thick and has a shrinkage rate. It is hard, thick and heavy to the touch. It is hard and smooth to the touch; In addition, polyester fabric is also easy to wash and dry. Its wrinkle resistance and shrinkage rate are much better than ordinary cotton fabric, and it is not easy to pilling and deformation. Therefore, its wearing performance is also higher than ordinary cotton fabric, and it is not easy to fade.

Honghongming believes that with the goal of quality, economy, image and new fashion, it will be an opportunity for us to lead the scientific and technological development in the field of environmental protection and fashion in the future. It will continue to promote the re scientific, systematic and standardized recycling of waste textiles to all parts of the country. It will take “comprehensive utilization, recycling and comprehensive utilization of waste textiles” as an important measure to develop consumer defense, and also an important measure for enterprises to promote the high growth of waste textiles.

The comprehensive utilization of waste textiles, as an important opportunity for economic and social development, and the environmental protection utilization, as a strategic choice for the sustainable development of the enterprise, not only reflects the enterprise’s ability to provide the industry chain and the downstream with the professionalism, stability, functionality of products and the regeneration of the main value, but also is the tenacity of the enterprise’s green development, urgent words and polarity.

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