This is how to develop white lace fabric

How to develop white lace fabric? The wool coat is different from the suit made of cloth, which is made of thread. Therefore, the development skills of white lace fabrics are actually like this.

There are reinforcements at the hairtip. These reinforcements are to prevent one side from not being tight enough, and to ensure that the lace fabric is not too tight.

The manual part is reinforced, which can make the cloth fall off because there is no gap, which will lead to ineffective fall off and effective loss.

First of all, you must use knife software to scrape the wax layer on the fabric without knife or other tool software. Fabric from scraping to bonding, both sides of the mesh fabric are treated with mesh shape mesh, and the mesh is uniform.

It is used for thin fabrics of mesh and knitted fabrics. The mesh fabric is breathable and comfortable, so it is more suitable for making underwear and sportswear.

The screen yarn is woven with core spun yarn to form yarn. The two strands of rope are pulled apart and the strands of yarn are pulled apart at the same time. The two strands of rope have a certain twist, which means that a chemical fiber yarn has a high elasticity and can be woven into a two-color screen yarn product with wearability and decorative design. It is used in underwear, sportswear, jeans, shoes, curtains, cars, window decorations, handicrafts, toys, car interiors, packaging, household necessities and other fields.

Customized cotton fiber monofilament with a diameter of nanometer to micrometer has antibacterial, deodorant and other functions. It can realize fragrance through aromatic fragrance and even release some acyl group and 999% electromagnetic wave. In addition, due to the addition of cotton fiber, the natural cotton fiber has a feel similar to that of superfine pure cotton, instead of pure cotton, wool fiber, cashmere, and can be used to make comfortable and breathable clothing such as fine twill, plain cloth.

Organic conductive yarn/antistatic special yarn Metal conductive yarn Conductive wire Antibacterial yarn Functional yarn Food yarn Colored yarn Cotton yarn Rayon yarn/Viscose double twist ply yarn Carpet yarn is not classified according to the number of strands Denim yarn.

Sintering network Xinxiang website optimization of anti-static yarn Sintering filter core anti-static fiber Sintering filter core anti-static fiber anti-static yarn Carbon black conductive yarn Sintering filter core anti-static fiber anti-static yarn.

Improve the conductivity of the sintering screen, reduce the damage of dust to the polluted environment, and improve the environment of the sintering screen clean room.

With high tensile strength and good permeability resistance, it can be applied to the standard and specification requirements of high temperature or organic corrosion. Our company can be fully accepted for short-term work (/or over limit batch production).

It has the characteristics of potential safety hazards. The stretch of high stretch polyurethane fiber can reach multiple times, and the distance between yarns is generally between 40 and 80. Its elongation is much higher than that of conventional roving, and the elongation is only 0.4%~60%. It can be widely used in the fields of clothing, shoes, leather goods, car seat covers, delivery goods cushion, packaging materials, etc.

Low elongation polyester yarn, heat setting tough yarn, shrinkage 13%~14%, rebound rate less than 14%.

how to develop white lace fabric

Product specification: polyester filament is a kind of fishing thread wound with multi strands of filament. Product characteristics: This product has the characteristics of high strength, softness, wear resistance, decontamination and mildew resistance, and easy cleaning, making it easy to wear and weave. FDY full drawstring, soft and elastic.

The colors of products include: lake blue, southern green, light gray, lime brown, black, chocolate, dark green, etc.

Use and specification: It is generally a conventional tie, characterized by high hardness, wear resistance, durability, beauty, elegance, firmness and durability.

The company has attached high strength to the production line of the non-standard workshop of the company. Its products are beautiful and elegant, and have the advantages of the production line of the same industry. Our tenet is: quality first, customer first!

Environmentally friendly cotton, linen, coffee, bean color, natural, environmentally friendly, healthy, skin friendly, breathable, and not harmful to skin color, color, moisture-proof, dry, crisp, and crisp, the concept of hemp goods rate.

Forces nouvelles leather clothing women’s winter thickened plush thickened thermal layer leggings women’s small leg pants real fiber leather pants.

Silk lace dress women’s autumn thin style 2022 new fashion temperament French lace thick bottom lace skirt.

Silk shirt women’s long sleeve 2022 new design sense, small number of mesh splicing top, foreign style, and long sleeve sunscreen.

French luxury retro pearl casual split shirt women’s long sleeve 2022 spring new design sense, small number of warm color high sense.

High street retro Lu skirt Nanshan sweater splicing 2022 summer new style women’s slightly through waist no half slit suspender waist shirt.

BANGELAB (Chanel, Rosie, Dan), a new product in spring and summer of 2022, is customized for French style retro mansion.

CAngelab (Chanel, Rosie, Dan) is a new French style retro Siroluogine in spring and summer of 2022.

NEIWAI can achieve the effect of versatile and elegant campus, as well as the texture of large capacity super daily unlimited cotton double-sided cloth. The unique material is the slim design, which gives the dress a sense of freedom, elegance and comfort. The loose shape brought by the gentle girly style is not too picky, which brings an extremely elegant and extraordinary expression.

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