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Lace is a romantic texture derived from the breath of autumn. It is a nostalgic and faded mysterious image of hand embroidered lace. It combines fresh printing and yarn interweaving to integrate colorful colors into texture elements, creating a retro style in autumn.

DIY takes a long time. Once you have the idea of embroidery, you will leave needless needle work spot on your cheongsam fabric. Embroidery is not only all your thoughts about it. In its time, you also have all kinds of embroidery elements, and they collide with each other to weave all kinds of beautiful tassels.

Plush toys are surrounded by metal yarn, woven jacquard hooks, two soles, and a side hook. The hook on the other side is used to hold some objects. Note that these two groups of objects are not hooked by themselves, but a beautiful yarn. The plush toy only hooks a hook on the edge, fixes it, and hangs it above the opening near the seam.

● Keep the machine clean and free of oil stains and dust for a longer time. Take the vacuum cleaner to clean the machine regularly and do not let it dry in the shade for a short time.

● For newly sewn polyester yarn, wash it directly with clean water or put it into washing machine detergent for cleaning.

● After cleaning, it is necessary to unplug the thread. At this time, a washing machine is needed, because without a washing machine, clothes usually need to be pricked with some needles, because the thread will be blocked and the clothes will become shorter.

● With cleaning and fine cutting, the barrel, hexagonal ball (cup size), copper ball, nickel ball and metal ball can be soaked in salt water for cleaning. You can also use edible alkali solution to clean the drum.

● If the zipper is cut by machine, the cloth cutting belt can be cut into one with a knife! The deviation of the cloth cutting belt machine is also very important! The allowable thickness of the factory size shall also be subject to 5 times, and the cutting material shall also have sufficient thickness.

● Prudent cutting: the cutting edge, bright edge, drape and seam edge shall be uniform, and no strange and delicate appearance such as video film is allowed.

● Pay attention to checking the surface quality of products. Due to the influence of the poor system of the laser cutting machine on the appearance and consistency of the material, in addition, the surface quality of the material should also be understood in the case of damage and high efficiency of the laser beam.

● Pay attention to welding, and eliminate the abrasion or damage to non-metallic appearance caused by paper edge metal, mirror and mirror after fabrication.

lace trim

● The cutter shall be oiled frequently, otherwise, the size of the machine, the appearance, wear resistance, durability and durability of the attachment will be affected, thus causing wrong chemical reaction.

For the wear resistance of the laser tube and the service life of the equipment, the cleaning work and the cleaning of the metal surface will be more convenient.

● What we need to know is that the cutting requirements: the cutting accuracy is low and should not be underestimated. If the cutting accuracy is not high, the false fine cutting error is within 1mm. High precision, cutting error is within 1mm.

In winter, dust adhesion may occur in cool driving and baking. So the sun is cold in winter. At this time, we need to cut the shoe materials by layers, and choose a cold one for cutting the maximum number of layers.

In winter, in cold kitchens, heaters and other places, we should consider the auxiliary machine of shoes. The hundred level dust-free machine is a good choice for several types, and it is suitable for all decoration styles, and it passes through multiple stations.

School uniform matching skills 1. Cotton school uniform: cotton school uniform or school uniform? Choose your favorite materials, fabrics and dyeing processes to achieve comfort. 2. Linen school uniform: linen school uniform or school uniform? According to their own preferences, choose their favorite materials, fabrics and dyeing processes to meet their unique love for students. 3. Is the school uniform made of canvas or cotton better? According to their own preferences, choose appropriate materials, fabrics and printing and dyeing processes to meet their own preferences for cotton school uniforms.

● Different types of linen school uniforms can be changed every day. High quality linen fabrics are breathable and refreshing. In summer, they should be machine washed in time. It is really unnecessary to make school uniforms in this season. The characteristics of good quality are fully reflected in the quality of school uniforms.

● The wear resistance and softness of the clothes are very good. Usually, the school uniforms made of acrylic fabric can be selected for cleaning. The softness is better than that of the strength fabric, and it is not easy to deform. The color should also be better than that of the cloth, so it is not easy to fade. In addition, the drapability of Yantai school uniforms has also changed to some extent, and there are many materials that are more casual and comfortable. You can choose clothes made of acrylic fabric when carrying clothes on your back, especially blue gray and black clothes, which are cool and casual. The choice of fabrics for Yantai winter school uniforms is also diverse, which is relatively strong, breathable, wear-resistant, fashionable, wear-resistant and durable. The above is the introduction of customized winter school uniform fabrics made by Xiaobian. I hope it can help the majority of netizens! You can choose fabrics, colors and styles. You can choose appropriate fabrics according to your actual needs. Leather clothing customization, fur customization, outdoor stormsuit customization, women’s camouflage clothing customization and other clothing customization. Welcome to leave a message!

Customized pure cotton and polyester cotton, pure polyester and cotton fabrics all have a variety of high-grade fabrics such as long staple cotton, island silk, high count yarn, etc. The high-end clothing customization needs to find factory cooperation. Cause analysis: the identification standard of high count yarn.

Of course, most of the sales staff will pull out their wrists and carefully remove the buttons. The black spots on the eyes will be continuously distributed to the sales staff with big eyes, and will be ignored at the eye week meeting.

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