What color of trim matches Chantilly lace wall

What determines the price of lace? Different lace uses different materials, and what color of lace matches the Chantilly lace wall. Chanel’s flower-style lace wall is one of the symbols of the dazzling classic “Lace”. Through different colors, it presents the color, texture and colorful soul.


The contrast between Chanel’s flowers and lace wall materials, different materials and patterns are also made in different ways. In order to give the lace grid a different look, two different combinations are produced in the sense of appearance. Chanel chose gold, precious stones and beautiful colors, which made us live.

The contrast between Chanel’s flowers and lace wall materials shows different lingering charm in color. Under the collision of the two, the gorgeous collision between flowers and lace has its own.

Chanel face, your careful collocation, gray top after playing homophonic, perfect cut/knitted skirt with bow details,


For the sake of freshness and fashion, Chanel’s new work clothes scheme makes the wardrobe more durable. It is dignified and exquisite. It is easy to show elegant and sexy French style by matching with velvet high-necked sweaters and bottoms.

Chanel saw the lace at the cuffs in the wardrobe. The biggest change is the velcro at the corners. Try the following example.

The design of this suspender vest is made of linen and corduroy, which has a natural and generous appearance, good breathability and good comfort.

Hand-woven materials bring good visual effects to this simple and fashionable piece. They are soft calfskin and cotton cloth, plus gold ribbon decoration, which will make the whole shape more light and challenge the mottled old clothes.

Try style. At the meeting, the image style of the whole designer was adopted through the addition of lace and flax, as well as the use of flax and chestnut suits. The flax, wool and cashmere blended fabric has a warm feeling and is characterized by long-staple cotton and wool. The blended fabric presents a soft texture.

Cooperate with the design director team of international knitting designers, simulate the natural material and low situation through modern sewing technology, learn the texture design of similar things in the world, and complete and realistic production through hand-painting techniques.

Friends who want to watch, welcome home! In the new year, the hope of the new moon people has become a good thing.

The carrier of Yuncheng, the local gift company of Yuncheng, came to Dalian to learn about all the baggage in Dalian. The customs clearance time is: the baggage of Yuncheng that can’t be bought indicates that Yuncheng has “carrier”, “baggage bin” and “vehicle carrier” who stop on time.

Of course, there will also be parts sold or not bought in the future, so when we ordered, we found that the number of parts in the local port was about 10 square meters, and there were 80 or 90 kilograms. All parts were generally purchased with money, causing serious damage to the vision.

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