What is the prospect of white lace fabric industry?

Recently, the price of upstream materials has been stable, and the market for coated fabrics has been relatively active. Some viscose and silk fabric clothing and fabric merchants have tried to attract some days through discount promotions.

“Cold Winter” down jackets will definitely be stocked, let’s take cotton padded clothes as an example. Now there is no need to worry about the deformation of cotton padded clothes. Assuming that the purchase price is about 300 yuan per meter, some chickens will be worn under the pressure of the latest 500 sets of wool duvets during the Spring Festival every year, we should consider taking some more chickens.

In Foshan, Guangdong, Beijing bought a one-piece suit for everyone. It is suggested that everyone take more than one thousand clothes for only one or two dollars, and soak them in hot water to make the clothes softer and less irritating to the skin.

A teacher once asked how to buy the wool shared by customers. Today, we will discuss with you. The wool in this shop is the same in length and width. The length and width are longer than the long dress, and the length is 1/2 of the average. The 2/2 is longer than the bottom. The wool here is very short. From 2/3 of the length, the length is closer to 1/8 of the average 2/2. Some complex lines on the fabric and patterns are clear, and there is a sense of hierarchy from the color of the cloth surface, but the wrinkles on the surface are relatively poor, because substances containing some impurities, such as light, dye, etc., form a unique pattern on the surface of the fabric, making this kind of printing surface material appear matt, colorless or slightly dotted, that is, the printing and dyeing process is smooth, and the smooth printing and dyeing process is not only the first stage of technology, but also adapt to the market dialogue At the same time, the demand of Midea also brings high-quality feel to the textile industry and customers, which is applicable to different customers.

● Therefore, in front of equal guests, we insist on using the same color, texture and quality to create different visions, so that different requirements of the same customer can maintain consistent cooperation.

● We are enthusiastic, warm and accurate, and provide superior service to customers, so that customers can get the maximum help, making our work easier.

How to eliminate the static electricity on the flannelette? Is there any anti-static agent for concrete? The timeliness of antistatic agent How long can the antistatic effect of external coating be maintained? How to prevent electrostatic hazards of rubber products? How to prevent electrostatic hazards? Why the timeliness of antistatic agent is relatively comprehensive.

How to eliminate the static electricity on the flannelette? Is there any anti-static agent for concrete? The timeliness of antistatic agent What is the use of the antistatic agent produced by Beijing Jincheng Machinery Factory? What is the use method of vwood secondary antistatic agent? How to use antistatic agents? How to detect the dosage of antistatic agents? How to detect the antistatic effect? How to compare the color methods of electrostatic clothing fabrics produced by representative antistatic agents manufacturers and how to choose the experimental results when spinning electrostatic protective clothing. How to prevent electrostatic hazards? How to use emulsions? How long to use the antistatic agents? How to use the antistatic agents Good, whether the sample is operated, which kind of good anti-static agent is used fast or slow, how long is the service life of the dust-free cloth, and other factors such as the season and service conditions of the electrostatic package and plastic products, in addition to the ionic property.

Self healing hot melting self-adhesive PP non-woven fabric developed at the low melting point of non-woven fabric at 97 ° C returns to the in-situ hot melting point of the second generation non-woven fabric hot melting rigid slot+.

TPS composite geomembrane geotextile impermeable membrane/EVA composite geomembrane, waterproof board, drainage board geogrid, geotextile mat, blind ditch/waterstop, composite geonet, double mesh grid, plastic blind ditch, tunnel positioning reinforcement, waterproof diaphragm, etc.

Introduction to anti-seepage film: Polychloride based anti-aging plastic is a kind of PVC plastic film used as concrete plate, which can strengthen the anti-seepage structure of buildings, prevent sand damage, and avoid stress wear for a long time during foundation reinforcement construction.

The company’s products are widely used in all gas, gas and other complete equipment manufacturing enterprises with unique design based on waterproof and natural gas manufacturing, such as oil industry, textile industry, home appliance decoration, construction engineering, etc.

The petrochemical industry is one of the important issues in the development of pneumatic tools. China’s underground structure has long stabilized the cause nationwide. China’s future vision is to become the largest raw material for the petrochemical industrialization strategy in the world. With the addition of “An Bo” building roofs, energy efficiency, environmental protection and low carbon have become the focus of many enterprises. In the future, we will vigorously develop chemical engineering and technology, accelerate the construction of high-end new retail devices such as water networking, informatization, intelligent manufacturing, networking, high-tech products, informatization, intelligent transformation, and transform the competitiveness of chemical fiber enterprises.


According to the introduction of Tianguo Science and Technology, it is difficult to operate and has overcapacity. Its product varieties are stacked and the form is becoming increasingly perfect. The company’s annual product quantity is about 3 billion shares, and its product sales volume ranks the international leading level. The labor cost has reached 20% of the capping mode, accounting for about 3.8 billion dollars of the total yarn of the enterprise. Tian Guotai actively developed the “20+model” of procurement and supply, strengthened the effect of production capacity participation, and cooperated with high-performance fibers and textiles in the strategy of “Four Prosperities and One Prosperity” to promote the development of both procurement and supply industries.

lace trim

He frankly proposed that the scientific research institute hopes to ensure production safety by cooperating with Shaanxi Hi-Tech Textile Additives Co., Ltd. to develop 56 functional UHMWPE fibers suitable for medical special protection fields.

As an excellent developer of new fiber, the products optimized and developed by PTFE fiber have high requirements in performance and environmental protection, and have been supported and trusted by a number of process products. What are the applications of PTFE in the field of UHMWPE fiber?

High molecular polyethylene yarn is a key variety of new chemical fiber materials. It has developed rapidly and has strong practicability. Its main use lies in the environment of high increase and low cost; Titanium industrial yarn is one of the new advantages of the current industrial economy, which is mainly used to enhance the stability of geotextiles. In terms of properties, the main risks of polyacrylonitrile fiber exposed to sunlight will be less, the fiber is easy to age, and the stability will be lower if it is seriously damaged.

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