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Textile printing advertising, also known as banner printing advertising. The quality of the product, the cost of use, the value of clothing, the positioning of different brands, the quality grade and other closely related factors. Although the corresponding improvement has been made in the digital print advertising LOGO, it should also be noted that advertising and clothing can breathe with the vision, and the quality of visual art are closely linked, and can not be replaced by inferior, so there is no need to produce too many visual obstacles.

C. Although the traditional logo can reduce the distance of the pattern, it cannot exceed 2 meters; Hot stamping is cheaper than foaming hot stamping. In addition to the selection of materials, the influencing factors of hot stamping also need to pay attention to the visual effect of side panels. If you choose foam hot stamping when producing patterns, you’d better choose foam hot stamping. The drop distance of ironing can be controlled from 005 meters to 2M/square meters. The ceiling color of the ironing industry is generally not black, but white board and white board. Foaming hot stamping has gelatinous feeling, layering feeling and color fullness. Generally, it is necessary to choose a slightly thicker hot stamping effect. A slightly thicker hot stamping effect can achieve a relatively significant effect.

There are two kinds of paint ink, one is water-based paint ink, the other is water-based paint ink, and the other is oily paint ink. The ink is relatively easy when the time for coloring is relatively short, but the paint ink with less adsorption force will show a certain deficiency, and the ink sprayed will be more prone to the phenomenon of dim color.

According to the technical requirements of the inkjet printer and the problems of many users at present, select a suitable inkjet printer.

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For users who do not know ink jet printing ink, how to distinguish is a very important issue, which directly affects the quality of printing. Generally, the color of the printed pattern should not be “stick”, “pass” or “offset”, which is the problem of a considerable part of the substrate.

Digital printing machine proofing has become the mainstream production mode in the western printing industry. The continuous improvement of European precision and the proofing of digital printing.

The digital printing machine, conceptually speaking, originated from the later ink-jet printing, and achieved high-precision ink-jet effect through the post-processing of digital printing and dyeing. The ink-jet printing of ink-jet printing produces the principle of textile digital ink-jet printing. The technical characteristics of digital printing. The digital printing ink is used for the printing head of the ready-to-wear digital printing machine. The inkjet type of the product can fully meet the requirements of all fabrics. Any spinning and drawing products are not open. Unfortunately, many spinning printing only rely on scanners to complete inkjet printing. Inkjet printing is only a breakthrough for traditional textile printing. In addition to printing several colors and filing, digital printing can also print S, C, H, C DW six series of sprayers and products of various colors have up to 30 varieties, and can flexibly transfer or print each color effect according to customer requirements, greatly reducing production costs. For example, digital printing of textile fabrics (such as cotton, linen, silk, polyester, nylon, lycra, etc.).

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