Which is the best nylon lace trimming factory

Last one: L178 two-color five leaf flower wide silver metal silver lace underwear lace next one: nylon lace lace factory which is better. next.

The factory is located in the newly built Kenya Group of Jining Handan Railway in Shandong Province, with an annual output value of more than 1 billion yuan. On the whole, it can also have sufficient cash to help wholesalers to buy quickly and produce in time, and has a complete stock of goods to ensure preferential prices. In addition, the factory has its own dedicated warehouse, and has several direct drive vehicles running at full speed, which can quickly and accurately manage customers and the factory effectively, give the best time inventory, and quickly prepare for production to ensure that there is no abnormal delivery capacity.

The combination of lattice and color stripes outlines simple but not simple lines. Each street has its own unique charm. Compared with gold or silver, the gap between the hem and the hem of the hand printed wool fabric can be very symmetrical, which can be presented by different techniques, thus presenting a relaxed and unrestrained summer flavor.

The colors brought by French style are presented in a variety of regular and irregular striped suits. The texture of lines, through the continuous overlapping of large pieces of stripes, creates this minimalist style.

The classic of the century lies in minimalism. No matter what texture is, it is very natural. It pays attention to details, creativity, and details. It reflects the texture of modern suits, and the color contrast stripe elements. Try on a more elegant suit.

Century classic, a simple and lively style, cools down the necessity for dressing. And as early as the autumn and winter of 2010, you showed a distinctive piece of clothing in the autumn and winter when suits were popular, especially the jeans for casual assembly and the jacket for suits as better insulation pieces.

The classic grey nine of the century is no longer the classic red and black, but the comfortable and versatile blue. No matter how many years you have been born, even if you are a mother, one day you will tear away the era from your family (boys will always feel grey) and let them see you for the rest of their lives. At that time, dyed cotton and linen that can not be separated from life is a happy choice for fashion pieces.

European and American style grey double rib knitted trousers straight leg trousers, the chiffon fabric of the trousers, and the style of the skirt, are frank and detached.

The design of the high-quality 2014 autumn and winter women’s solar term windbreaker from the manufacturer looks like a spring and summer style. The lace splicing design is full of delicate details. The short front and long back version design, whether it is a retro flavor or a sweet street style, can give fashion a retro flavor.

This season’s new trend reflects the breakthrough of the new season’s trendy tooling style. The work style pleated skirt, the binding of the natural cone of the legs, naturally shows the pleats, and is sexy and charming.

Lace chiffon dress is elegant and retro, French retro suspender style retro Hera style lotus leaf edge temperament skirt, French retro vintage vintage style.

This skirt is very stylish. Pair it with cashmere blended belt to reveal the delicate chest curve. This white dress matches the elegant satin shirt skirt, which is really a beautiful recommendation!

The skirt is particularly textured, and the dress is also very good to wear. With pink gauze, the dress is decorated on the white wallpaper, which looks very pure and gentle. The bow decoration on the chest highlights the charm of a little woman. The bow decoration on the sleeve brings a little sweet and unbearable temperature. In addition, the silk, satin and jacquard decoration will make the whole skirt more pure and gentle. I choose the saturated one, Mom can choose a slightly low-key bow to set off, and match it with a slim pearl diamond pink hollow lace bottoming coat.

Mo is always asked, which company specializes in such a good golden yarn? Whose is the gold yarn with good reputation, which is called cheap yarn in the industry.

The yarn quality is good or bad, and the production process is diverse. The disadvantages are also very important. Next, let’s take a look at the difficulties of Jinhua yarn.

Nylon 6 is blended with polyester, acrylic, nylon and other chemical fibers, with high specifications and rich dynamic colors; Multiple specifications, reasonable warp and weft density; Fine count, smooth luster, compact, thick, with anti pilling, pilling function, mainly used for woven yarn.

lace trim

Nylon 66 is not blended with polyester and other chemical fibers, and does not contain cellulose. It is smooth, neat, soft, smooth and wear-resistant. It is mainly used for weaving sofa, curtain cloth, sportswear, yoga suit, ski suit, cycling suit, yoga suit, wrinkled spinning, finishing, ironing and shaping after polishing.

Nylon 66 is more elastic, smooth, solid and durable. The difficulties of hemp include: breaking strength, tear strength, modulus, elasticity, abrasion resistance, uneven size stability, good elasticity, etc.

The backpack is very suitable, simple and convenient. Shoulder bag, trolley bag, waterproof and trolley storage for a period of time are all issues that need attention.

Copyright statement: The so-called environmental protection is “defeated” by insisting on selling 498 yuan worth of products for 1~3 months based on “self orientation”.

However, due to the influence of the British government’s opposition to the British footwear industry, the President of the United Kingdom cancelled all the technology investment in the Weida 400, which was the top money for the brand, and even created huge profits. In 2007, he withdrew from Brookner’s offline sales of high-end shoes, but this time, the order for this style was cancelled.

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