Which wholesaler of nylon black lace fabric is better

● The development of Ji textile fabric is becoming more and more “people-oriented”, and the wholesaler of nylon black lace fabric is better.

How to distinguish the bright color and multi-color silk umbrellas, clouds and umbrellas, these unbelievable problems, beyond the official account, canvas calico, also known as canopy rain and sun umbrellas, affordable materials are the main applications of canvas, which are affected by the market, exaggerated pictures, direct spray home textile gifts, umbrella racks, umbrella racks, etc., should be structured buildings.

There are two reasons for digital printing and traditional printing: 1. Printed fabric: the printing effect is poor due to the magnetism and fastness of the dye, and the printed fabric is easy to make the printing soft enough. 2. Printing process: As different printing processes are used, different printing effects are different. Therefore, it is recommended to use printing process as a good choice.

Digital printing: It is a high-tech product that integrates machinery and computer electronic information technology with the continuous development of computer technology.

Digital printing: printing with digital technology. With the continuous development of computer technology, digital printing technology is a new high-tech product that integrates machinery and computer electronic information technology.

Digital printing: printing with digital technology. Digital printing technology is divided into digital printing and computer digital printing.

● For small orders and short cycles, arbitrary dragging is prohibited; The rice noodles are uneven, and the shirts are not allowed; The fabric texture is uneven, and the surface cloth is skewed, striped and uneven;

● Paving began in the late 1990s and has been going on since this summer. The material is paved from the straight direction, and the rapid mortar paving is generally adopted;

● Use the machine hand to cooperate with the gravity paving. Each roll of fabric is woven by the pre wetting machine through the sand and fiber belt felt by the hand. The maximum average distribution time of the whole shed is 1000 hours, 90% with the machine head, 75% with the machine head. The fabric is about 70% – 80%, and the color fastness is above 1500.

● The clothing mechanical automatic ironing machine is used, and the ironing program can be adjusted to make the weaving process from automatic to reliable.

● With semi-automatic ironing machine, the ironing program automatically shortens the process design, making the whole suit shorter (requiring overprint patterns), saving time and effort.

Full automatic digital printing machine is a new printing method, which is used for personalized, small batch, quick response and change of understanding of environmental protection. At the same time, it also meets the market demand for personalized customization. The nozzle foot digital printing machine is mixed with water-based ink and non ink, and the superior digital ink jet printing ink in the world is used. Fully automatic printing is undoubtedly a new generation of printing machinery. The service life of the printing head is 80~100 ° C for ordinary flatbed machines. Colorable inks 100~100 ° C are suitable for active digital printing. Compared with traditional printing heads, it can have more time. From traditional printing to photo grade color printing, it is developed on the basis of traditional printing, and does not require plate making, sizing, steaming, washing and other processes. It is fast and has high output.

For the whole process of digital printing pattern printing equipment, HTC UV flat-panel printer can perform full color printing without plate making. Just install a flat-panel printer on the computer to print and output all image data at will. At the same time, with this function, the large format digital printing machine completely solves the problem of full color printing, especially in the digital printing processing market of T-shirts, which greatly expands the printing range.

UV flat-panel printer has a very fast printing speed, and has a very good stress resistance in actual printing. However, it does not fully meet the existing high-speed printing needs of the market, especially in the era of high-speed printing with high cost and high pollution, the market function of Epson nozzle is very dependent.

lace trim

The printing head industry has gone from the basic machine turning template (ink-jet ink) in the past to the high-speed printing machine, Epson saturated printing head, and Epson large format personalized printing head

The nozzle in the orifice industry has been developed and known abroad. Why does it seem that the orifice has a longer life? A printing designer suggested that during production, when the machine is running, the distance between two nozzles can be rated. If the same machine is one minute different from the nozzle, the production efficiency will be poor.

In fact, as far as the printing ink head is concerned, the distance between the printing ink head and the printing ink is also different. Different printing inks correspond to different ones. Generally, there are three grades of printing ink: quantitative printing ink and all German printing ink. If the three grades of printing ink can be used on the top of the printing head and remain fixed, the quality of the printing ink produced is stable. Moreover, advanced supporting equipment and precise maintenance technology make the printing ink not easy to be scratched or scratched, The produced high-quality ink with stable color and quality will not be tinted either at ordinary times or at ordinary times. The initial ink types will be printed, and the single nozzle or scratch form will be stable, and the tone will become lighter or lighter, resulting in ink overlapping and actual tone.

The types of ink are also various, but digital printing is still widely used, but there are real shortcomings in digital printing.

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