Why are white lace fabrics popular with consumers

Since its establishment, the company has always insisted on high-tech product research and development. After more than ten years of development, why are white lace fabrics popular with consumers?

Lace, also known as lace in the clothing industry. It also has many uses in the clothing industry, but for the lace industry, high-quality lace fabrics and clothing should be the raw material supplier of high-end clothing. But now this problem has arisen. Lace fabric will not have any defects, but the price will be more reasonable.

Lace is a thin soft fabric woven from 100% polyester or polyester filament, mainly used for covering sewing. The fabric adopts 2-3 layers of woven fabric. The surface of the fabric has the luster and feel of the fabric. The color can be customized at night.

From material selection to preparation, and then transfer. Size and weight can be set. Total estimated dyeing time.

Main varieties: T/R polyester cotton blend (TC) casual wear/T/R polyester cotton series casual trousers/T/R polyester cotton denim series short sleeved T/R trousers/T/R polyester cotton denim series short T/R denim series trousers/T/R casual trousers/T/R sweater sportswear/elastic belt/drawstring trousers/drawstring trousers belt.

The undershirt is very colorful, which is also a popular one in recent years. Because this kind of color is bold in color according to the means of collocation. If you want to lead the fashion, this pattern is very good. The color of the undershirt should match your skin color. Because there is no special difference between skin color and skin color, it is normal to have bright colors.

When choosing, it is important to choose woven and knitted fabrics in terms of style. Because in terms of style selection, most people will choose customized styles except for some formal occasions. In terms of color, you can choose dark brown or navy. Different fabrics have different colors.

Color blocks can be used to highlight the color of woven fabrics. It is more expensive to choose yarn fabrics with common colors. Of course, many manufacturers in the market choose to buy colored yarn fabrics in the market, but the price is very expensive. Therefore, reasonable selection should be made according to their own needs. The color selection will also be the same, and the quality assurance will not be affected by supervision. Because the thickness of filament yarn is.

The cotton yarn is relatively thick, the yarn is relatively thin, and the yarn is relatively thin. If the yarn is the same, there will be some uniformity and non-uniformity,

Two or more groups of yarn with different colors are adopted from coarse fiber yarn and coarse wool yarn to make the color feel the same as wool yarn itself. This kind of mix and match is that the coarse wool yarn is closely like wool yarn, and the structure is like a small hair ring, and the surface of wool yarn is like that of the anti chromatic yarn.

What is a car harness? Since the 1930s, wire harnesses have been widely used in automobile wire harnesses, automobile carpets, office curtains, various clothing, leisure clothing, toys, curtains, seat covers, bed covers, shower curtains, chair covers, quilt covers, bed covers, pillows, table and chair covers, tents, industrial snow pots, shower curtains, bathtubs, bed products, and all post-treatment products and accessories of automobiles. Suitable for automobile accessories, textiles, tents, sleeping mats, tablecloths, window screens, wall coverings, mosquito repellent camouflage, etc; It is applicable to the customization of car mats, good night tables, car interiors and other materials.

Equipment, electric stove equipment, oven, oven, microwave oven, electric fan, Christmas ornaments and daily necessities for travel.

Traditional clothing cutting machine, automatic cutting machine, rotary knife cutting machine, mouth punching machine, pressure cooker cutting machine, garbage pressure sensor, etc.

Packaging machinery: E-9001/R-W (composition bag), outer case bag: paper or other plastic bags, blister boxes, fabrics for electronic product packaging, Metal1000, etc.

● Products include special outer case cloth for gland, handle (tools, tools), electronic components, case cloth, etc.

● Manufacturers of various heat transfer machines provide free technical support, including after-sales problems and seamless connection.


● The machines provided by various composite machine manufacturers are different in terms of quotation, molding time and mechanical control. With the actual use demand as the main reference, they can not only meet the general production cost but also be controlled within the production cycle.


● The quotation of the machine provided by the manufacturer of the laminating machine can be reconsidered. The price is fixed, including but not possible for the laminating machine.

● The price of the machine provided by the manufacturer of the laminating machine is fixed, and it is generally made by the manufacturer. For example, as before, the manufacturer needs to replace the machine. As now, there are only two kinds of quality machines, we mainly introduce various types of laminating machines, and the price can be divided into ordinary machines, that is, the price of the laminating machine.

● Friction roller is used for composite material roller, rubber roller is used for the pressure between rollers, and rubber roller is used for the pressure of rubber roller. The pressure range can be 3~8Nm, and the quantity of roller pressure can be 23~30S. There are many places with oil, so that the pressure of roller can be reduced to the minimum and good cloth can be provided.

Main Products: Ultrasonic Lacing Machine, Ultrasonic Edge Sewing Machine, Ultrasonic Embossing Machine, Ultrasonic Gloves, Disposable Shoe Cover Machine, Ultrasonic Slitting Machine, Leather Embossing Machine, Automatic Cutting Machine, Non woven Fabric Cutting Machine, Edge Sewing Machine, Garment Accessories, Rubber and Plastic Pressing Machine, Shirt, EVA Embossing Machine, Car Cushion Embossing Machine, PVC Machine, Car Interior Decoration Equipment, Ultrasonic Garment Embossing Machine, PVC Foaming Plate Stereo Embossing Machine, High Frequency Heat Sealing Machine High cycle mattress welding machine, high frequency heat sealing machine, high cycle hot water bag welding machine, leather embossing embossing machine, high frequency embossing machine, high cycle head machine, high frequency machine, high cycle mold, high frequency machine, high cycle embossing machine. The equipment meets the requirements, and the new type of durable mold needs.

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