You should master these skills in the black lace trim industry!

It is the ink color mixing formula, which is generally called spot color in the printing industry, so “you should master these skills in the black lace trim industry!”.

This paper mainly studies the basic characteristics of pigment ink, and the key sketches for garment printing, such as single dyeing, multi-color, multi-functional garment, multi-component hue, three-dimensional printing, etc.

There is no freedom in the teaching of equipment operation. The teacher will give your hands to the operators. We should understand each other mechanically and try to reduce the operating habits until we achieve the desired effect.


● In the rudiment of traditional bronzing equipment, traditional manual printing is completed by digital automatic control and image screen making, and then by automatic control.

● Operation preparation teaching: for traditional manual printing and color mixing of computer software, digital automatic control is adopted, and the user can touch the screen and drawing operation interface at a glance.

Electromechanical industry: precision abrasive grinding of electromechanical, electronic, electrical and other product parts; Flat circular surface grinding of desktop edge (without knife); Felt vacuum value processing.

Main products: all-purpose brick pressing machine, head shaking brick pressing machine, brick baking machine, end of sand ironing machine, vacuum packaging machine, drying paint service provider, printing equipment and consumables, advertising machine, calendar machine, digital printing machine, full-automatic plate making machine, cold drying three-dimensional carving machine, splicing molding machine, artistic creativity inkjet printing machine, etc.

The company was founded in, located in Shijing, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, with an area of 600 square meters, a building area of 2000 square meters, and less than half a kilometer from Guangzhou Airport. The transportation is very convenient.

The company is equipped with electric control equipment 300W, 400W, 11 computers, 100W premix, 30W dobby, 12 imported printing machines, V10s, ITW, PDM, Swiss Lida, Longyan Meiya and other independent supporting equipment. The company covers an area of 100 mu, with a building area of more than 10000 square meters, and has more than 200 professional and technical personnel engaged in sewage treatment, thermocouple, wastewater treatment, mine waste gas purification, quality inspection and environmental protection. The company mainly produces and operates all kinds of pure cotton/nitrile blended yarn, pure bamboo fiber/polyester bamboo pulp fiber, bamboo carbon fiber/bamboo carbon fiber/viscose fiber, hemp, Tencel/Modal and other raw materials of pure spinning/viscose fiber and Tencel/bamboo fiber blended fiber; Woven and knitted fabrics have been widely used in men’s and women’s suits, casual wear, work clothes, protective clothing, school uniforms, military uniforms, baby clothes, etc; Supply and sales of raw materials for viscose and bamboo fiber blended products; Wholesale and retail of viscose and bamboo fiber blended products.

The company always follows the principle of “customer first, people-oriented”, and is always committed to the perfect shaping of product quality. Adhere to the innovation of “taking e-commerce resources as the first business type”.

Honesty is the core competitiveness of Fengzhixu, and only high-quality products can play a role in ensuring the reputation of our customers.

● Take a path of zero basis, and there is almost no offline stage in the terminal market. Despite the strategic layout of climate change, the marketing depth of clothing brands is diversified.

lace trim

Small accumulation of clothing, plus benign division of labor and multi lingual interaction, the operation mode of clothing brands will change accordingly.

Top 10 core groups of financial elites: cross regional (micro), community and public welfare groups [1:2-3].

The large group in the clothing industry refers to the customized high-tech clothing industry. In order to meet the needs of enterprises, the employees in the clothing industry frequently cooperate with each other to negotiate the fashion service clothing and clothing price for the local clothing industry. The garment industry has obvious advantages in this respect: its economic benefits are rapidly enhanced, while taking into account the constraints of its own development environment, creating a competitive advantage for well-known brand enterprises in the high-quality garment industry;

With the intelligent transformation of the clothing industry and the improvement of production efficiency, the automation department and large-scale manufacturing department of the clothing industry have more equipment and equipment, which further improve the manufacturing efficiency of the clothing enterprise and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise. At the same time, through reform and opening up and strengthening the organization to drive the intelligent transformation and production mode of the clothing industry, the powerful equipment and equipment investment in the clothing industry has significantly reduced the domestic labor force, meeting the higher quality development of industrial textiles and textile clothing industry.

“High end+digitalization”, “foreign+cooperation” and “stable price and double blame” are just to promote brand upgrading and internationalization while continuously expanding industrial channels, and create a “leading international platform” for the international clothing and textile clothing industry.

In terms of the international economic environment, the collective competition in the industry is fierce. The impact of the epidemic situation has led to the steady promotion, optimization and upgrading of the entire industry. The industry’s exports have gradually warmed up and the economy is growing. With the national strategic cooperation and the continuous promotion of domestic capital, the industry’s exports have gradually warmed up, and the international market and related real economy have become the source of power affecting the development of the textile industry chain supply chain.

In the face of the global epidemic and the complex domestic and international situation, China’s industrial textile industry is moving forward with a heavy load of contradictions. Under the situation of epidemic prevention and control, the textile industry is recovering its momentum of development through unprecedented development and gradually becoming the main force of industry development.

In the face of the global epidemic situation and the mutated multi-component epidemic situation, China’s industrial textile industry is accelerating its slow pace of backwardness, recovering its economic recovery and rapid growth. Affected by the epidemic, the textile industry is accelerating its transition to strong manufacturing and innovation by actively opening up the transformation of new and old drivers, opening a new development milestone.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology proposed to deepen the implementation of the construction of “industrial power” and improve the service capacity, focus on the high-quality development of the industrial textile industry, and promote the high-quality development of the textile industry. The person in charge of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said that universities and research institutes are not very enthusiastic about high-quality development, but they see that their staff’s working attitude is full of tension, and the amount of post qualification is relatively large. It is possible to build high-end textile equipment using the “high-quality” positioning process, which will bring great benefit support to the student generation.

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June 16, 2023 Company News
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