You should master these skills in the white lace fabric industry!

After that, it will slowly become loose. These are normal phenomena. You should master these skills in the white lace fabric industry!

It is a kind of yarn fabric, which is made of wool, polyester, nylon and other fibers. It can also be used to make fabric, which can make the fabric show a double-sided effect.

Due to the high melting point of wool and polyester, the fabrics made of wool and polyester still have certain advantages in addition to wool and polyester.

However, the fluff of Lycra fabric is more prone to pilling than polyester fiber. If the reason for fabric pilling is also the same in recent years, it is difficult to achieve a lasting pilling effect, such as “running” (straight pilling), “wool stained soft leather”, etc; Regardless of the “indispensable”, “pulling” (pulling), “winding”, and so on, you can select materials that are suitable for the product specifications according to the specific use requirements or functionality of the product.

The service starts with 10 pieces, which can be used to customize the origin of products for users, simulate customer needs with experience in fabric development, 1800 pieces with customer R&D and customization functions, pictures and pattern design drawings with experience in fabric sample development, dynamic design drawings with experience in fabric design that simulate customer development, and dynamic design drawings with experience in fabric structure R&D that simulate customer development, Dynamic design drawings developed by simulation customers with experience in fabric structure design, dynamic design drawings designed by simulation engineers with experience in fabric structure design, and dynamic design drawings developed by simulation engineers with rich experience in fabric pattern and color design.

● Be familiar with the weaving method and weaving method of fabric belts such as surface accessories, buttons, zippers, hooks and straps, skillfully use BO-8 and other weaving methods, be good at using and using the method of warp knitting statistics and analysis, and have the painting skills of practical application fantasy with good surface accessories characteristics and production effects, and the design style of footwear covers is similar.

● Assist the General Manager in arranging and selecting different department planning styles for employees, and assist in 1 2 3 4 5 10 7 10 11 15 30 31 30 31 30 30 in a certain department on site.

● Provide goods immediately. If there is any interference, deal with it immediately, and then use it at a high speed. Use it as needed without thinking.

● The goods can only be shipped with customs auto parts testing instruments and other relevant testing standards, which are imported from Japan.

Huide Group, with independent intellectual property rights, has rapidly expanded its targeted demand for various industries. At present, it has formed a large enterprise with self enterprise effect to establish a good platform and team spirit for enterprise development,

The enterprise mainly focuses on target customers, and serves the advanced market with good faith. Huide has established independent customer groups in Guangzhou and Shenzhen,


For many enterprises in the market, we often have the ability to deeply understand the market situation, constantly improve our comprehensive competitiveness, abide by and actively provide services to customer managers and customer managers.

Even if the customer sets up a factory in Guangzhou, we still adhere to the principle of customer first and mutual benefit. You are welcome to set up a factory at any time.

If you need customized work clothes, please help me! Customized fabrics for work clothes are now strictly required by major companies both at home and abroad. The fabrics for work clothes must be environment-friendly and flame retardant to meet international environmental standards. Why do they get old after repeated washing?

Mercerizing process is a kind of cotton cloth, which belongs to man-made chemical fiber. It is generally called silk yarn+elegant luster. When the light is not particularly strong, of course, it will also shine.

Pure cotton fabric is a kind of textile with cotton as the raw material, which is mainly used to make pure cotton clothing. Therefore, the requirements for the fabric are low, mainly because pure cotton is easy to generate static electricity because of the soft clothing fabric. The cotton cloth is made of bamboo charcoal fiber and other cotton like fabrics with excellent air permeability. As for the pure cotton cloth woven by this spinning, the pure cotton short staple cotton feels very comfortable. In the past, people also took “vinylon short fiber” as a call request, and it is also easy to process “vinylon short fiber” into fiber.

● High strength. The strength of short fiber is 26~57cN/dtex, and that of high strength fiber is 56~80cN/dtex. Due to its low moisture absorption, its wet strength is basically the same as its dry strength. The impact strength is 4 times higher than nylon and 20 times higher than viscose fiber.

● Good elasticity. The elasticity is close to that of wool, and it can be almost completely recovered when the elongation is 5%~6%. Wrinkle resistance is better than other fibers, that is, the fabric does not wrinkle and has good dimensional stability. The elastic modulus is 22~141cN/dtex, 2~3 times higher than nylon.

● Good wear resistance. The abrasion resistance is only inferior to nylon with the best abrasion resistance, the abrasion resistance is only inferior to nylon, and more than 86% of spandex.

Nylon has the best abrasion resistance, elongation at break, and certain flexibility. It is usually used for nylon with warp and weft directions greater than 5%. Used in rope making, weaving, industrial cloth, rope, belt, nonwovens and other industries.

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