Cotton Lace Trim

Cotton lace trim is a fragile, unpredictably woven texture made of common cotton filaments. It stands out for its breathable, lightweight, and delicate surface, which makes it a perfect adornment for summer pieces of clothing. This flexible trim can be utilized to upgrade the appearance of different fashion-related ventures, such as dresses and shirts, adding a touch of class and womanliness to your plans.

Transport yourself to the Summer of Love with this bohemian white geometric triangle-edged crochet lace trim. Starting at a linear edge, the crocheted cotton fibers weave into triangular, geometric zig zags. Measuring 1¼” wide, this thickly woven lace is sturdy with a gauge of 1.28mm. Finish up crocheted tanks and bras, add a free-spirited touch to floral blouses and tanks, or make jewelry ideal for your next music festival.

  • Width: 31.75mm (1.25)
  • Composition: 100% Cotton Blend
  • Length: 3 yards
  • Color: as the customer needs
  • Stock: available

Why is embroidered cotton lace trim the best?

Here are some of the most important reasons why lace trim is the best in China:

Stylish outfit: embroidered ace trim adds the finishing touch to numerous diverse sorts of clothing.

Delicate in plan with a bounty of delightful surfaces, it is one of the most well-known ways to include fashion and fragile wrapping in an outfit.

Elegance touch: The China Cotton Lace Trim is an amazing way to add a touch of tastefulness to your wedding gown.

Sewing this weaved lace trim texture is less demanding than you think.

Enhance your personality: It is also an awesome way to personalize your bridal adornments and create a one-of-a-kind look.

Lace trim is one of the most prevalent ways to add magnificence to your wedding dress.

Lace trim is an awesome finishing touch, whether you’re dressing up for a rich event or a casual day out.

Affordable prize: Embroidered lace trim is the ultimate way to add more fashion to your dress without investing much time or money.

Embroidered lace trim is the perfect finishing touch for numerous diverse sorts and looks.

Cleaning and washing: It is launderable, speedy to dry, and simple to color. Since the texture is launderable, weaved objects can be hand-washed or machine-washed on a tender cycle in accordance with the care label directions.

Due to its one-of-a-kind qualities, this fabric may be utilized to deliver high-quality attire for mold fans.

Excellent durability: It gives the cloth an exceptionally unmistakable look and feel.

It is both appealing to see and simple to make; additionally, it is durable.

Amainlace believes in beautifying your garment-making process beautifully and appreciatively, so visit us today and order your China Cotton Lace Trim requirements.

We hope our diverse lace selection stimulates your clothing business and makes textile sourcing easier. If you’re seeking China cotton lace trim or want to import cotton lace, you’ve come to the perfect site. We sell a wide variety of textile options, including embroidery lace, lace fabric, and trim lace, depending on your particular preferences or bulk buying requirements.





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